Thursday, 17 July 2014

The deep Meaning of Eupraxsophy..

The majority of our peace instruction, natural activity, solid living rules, enthusiastic adjusting, and other comparative exertions are all coordinated towards the improvement of an eupraxsophy, utilizing the methods for the hand to hand fighting as a lens through which to center and perspective our teachings. 

The term eupraxsophy was instituted by Paul Kurtz, an educator at the University of New York at Buffalo and a patron to the written work of Humanist Manifesto II (a beneficial read, in itself!). It draws its importance from the aged Greek words eupraxis (right activity) and sophia (knowledge). An eupraxsophy, then, is a perspective or lifestyle which promoters carrying on with a moral and overflowing life through balanced and naturalistic means. 

Through carrying on with an eupraxsophic life, maybe we may achieve a state of eudaimonia: the best useful for an individual person; a state of perfection described by goal prospering over a lifetime, and achieved through the activity of good goodness, viable insight, and discernment.